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About Laxmi Leela Group

The name "Laxmi Leela" was discovered as a heartfelt tribute to the remarkable mothers, Srimati Laxmi Devi and Leela Devi, whose enduring ethics and values formed the foundation upon which this company was established. Their unwavering commitment to integrity, compassion, and resilience served as an unceasing source of inspiration, motivating us to craft an enterprise that not only bears their names but also embodies their indomitable spirit. "Laxmi Leela" stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of these exceptional women, a symbol of the principles they upheld and an embodiment of their enduring influence on our journey.

Laxmi Leela is a dynamic and visionary real estate company that emerged as a new venture under the leadership of Mr. Pravin Kothari, a respected name in the real estate market known for his integrity and trustworthiness.

Driven by passion for creating exceptional living spaces, we are dedicated to crafting spaces that epitomize grandeur, elegance, and sophistication. From lavish amenities to meticulous attention to detail, our commitment to providing the pinnacle of luxury is woven into the very fabric of every Laxmi Leela project.

With a strong focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and a deep sense of responsibility towards society, Laxmi Leela is poised to redefine the real estate industry and set new benchmarks. Join us on this remarkable journey as we shape a brighter, more inspiring future, one exceptional project at a time.

Our philosophy


Integrity and

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Our mission emboldens us to redefine the essence of refined living by delivering exceptional real estate projects that transcend expectations and leave an indelible mark on time. We are steadfast in our commitment to providing unparalleled craftsmanship, meticulous design, and sustainable practices in every development we undertake. We aim to enrich communities and enhance lives through an unwavering dedication to surpassing the pinnacle of excellence.


We aspire to redefine the industry by creating ethereal spaces that inspire and elevate lives. We strive to be the paramount choice for discerning individuals and families pursuing their dream homes, where innovation, sustainability, and excellence form the foundation of our resplendent success. Our vision encompasses a future where each of our projects become an emblem of trust, unrivalled quality, and ultimate fulfilment.